3D Modeling

Airou cat from Monster Hunter (Capcom)

FIT Spring 2014

Visual Presentation

Movie ticket kiosk design

Group members: Maddy A. / Randel T. / Ali A.


Visual Exhibition Design

Produce sign for peppers

Concept + Design

Special Thanks : Claire B. (partner), ultimatepapercraft.blogspot.com (3D paper pepper)

FIT Fall 2012 

3D Modeling and Animation with SoftImage 2014

Ghost pirate and pedal boat

Watch Reel

FIT Fall 2013

Rabbit Plane THE GAME 

My very own first flash shooting game

Concept + Design + Art + Actionscript 3.0 + Javascript

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Play Rabbit Plane Game


Photoshop 3D

3D-like images with Photoshop gradients

FIT Spring 2011

Package Design + 3D Drafted Model in 3DS MAX

Intro to Package Design : Branding + Crafting

3D Modeling + Animation

FIT Fall + Spring 2012

3D Modeling in intro to 3DS MAX

Sake set

FIT Spring 2012

3D Modeling in Intro to 3DS MAX

Room model

FIT Spring 2012

3D Modeling in intro to 3DS MAX

Pig flashlight and Behemoth chicken stress toy

FIT Spring 2012


"rainning hundos"

"ray has little mice printing hundos for him; he feeds them kimchi"

w/ gauche paint & markers

friends’ where the cash comes from logic